Kellie (followtheleadah) wrote,

Friends Only

friends only banner by infanta_pics
layout by paper_crunch
banner by vanillaq_ueen
Find my fanfiction at landofmisfitoys
I have a tumblr, but I don't think I'm that exciting on tumblr xD.
Disclaimer: Any edited graphics posted here do not belong to me unless stated otherwise. The same with my fanfiction, I only own the plot most of the time.

Hey there, welcome to my journal. :D From the banner above, you can see that this is a friends only journal. If you'd like to be friends, please go here ^^. Any random friend adds will be ignored. (Unless of course we met through a friending meme)

And now a kpop gif! (that may or may not be bias, because who wants to be limited like that? :D [and you can see by biases posted in another post])
Rocker!Kyu. Let me die now.

Tags: !friends only, !introduction, !public
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