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I'm a prisoner of love

just a prisoner of love~

18 March
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tell it to me straight;

Hey there. =] Call me Kellie. (or whatever you want) I'm just a girl who likes to laze around the internet and write fanfiction. For my fics, head on over to my community. ^^

And now for a giant wall of text that describes me.

indecisive. a lover not a fighter. quiet. stubborn. heatbox. clumsy. curious. perceptive. understanding. sheltered. procrastinator. gamer. reader. impatient. messy. unorganized. open-minded. lazy. jealous. delusional. faithful. silly. thankful. friendly.

Okay. I've bored you enough.

Hope to see you around!

Please note: I have decided to friend/member lock any NC-17 rated stories and chapters. However, if the series is still on going, the chapter will remain unlocked until the series is finished. I will indicate which chapters and such are locked on the master fic list :3

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